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Breaking Bad Tribute

24 September 2013 Leave a comment

Breaking BadLike many people, I’ve been completely sucked into the popular AMC TV show, Breaking Bad.  With the final episode of the final season in the horizon, I wanted to share my favorite articles, videos, and podcasts that I’ve come across.  Some are entertaining, some are funny, and some actually enhance the show.  But, keep in mind – almost all of the links will include some kind of spoiler if you’re not caught up with the last season!

Also like many people, I “binge watched” Breaking Bad starting in 2012.  I flew through the first 4 Seasons to catch up before Season 5 started in July of that year.  It’s amazing how addicting the show is and yet it has still gotten better every season.  Without further ado…

Breaking Bad Links

Breaking Bad Recaps on

Last, and certainly not least are the recap articles that Andy Greenwald writes on Grantland every Monday.  I simply can’t recommend these articles enough.  He dissects each episode and interjects some brilliant insight, all while waxing poetic.  Unfortunately he didn’t start until Season 5, but for your reading pleasure, I’ve listed them all here.  I would suggest going back and reading some of the old ones!

If anyone has any other links they like, please add them in the comments!  I’m sure there’s a lot of other great material out there and once the show is over, I know us fans will be craving anything we can to relive the show.

“I am the one who blogs”…


Here are some additional links I’ve come across since the show ended:


The Newest Adventure for Jerry Seinfeld

14 June 2013 1 comment

My Seinfeld Obsession

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a huge fan of Seinfeld.  And “huge fan” is an understatement.  Let’s look at the facts:

  • There were 180 total episodes of Seinfeld and I taped them all on VHS.  Commercial free.  Every… single… one!  Back in college, with the help of my dedicated roommates, we taped every episode the old fashioned way: combining a CRT TV, VHS, TV Guide, and a sweet Excel Spreadsheet (how else do you know what episodes you’ve taped!?).
  • A day doesn’t go by when something in my life reminds me of a Seinfeld episode
  • It takes every ounce of willpower I have to not quote the show whenever said occurrences happen.  But, I still quote it often because I can’t help myself!

So, when I heard in 2012 that Jerry Seinfeld was trying out a new type of show, I was all in, no matter what it was.

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

On July 19, 2012 Jerry Seinfeld released his first episode of “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee”.  These are roughly 10-20 minute videos that are released online on, YouTube, and Crackle.  The premise is simple and is clearly explained in the show title – Jerry picks up a fellow comedian in a fancy car and goes to a random coffee shop just to chat.  He has explained that he typically borrows the car and carefully chooses it to match the personality of his guest for that episode.

Some of my favorite episodes from the first season were:

  • Larry David
  • Ricky Gervais
  • Brian Regan
  • Alec Baldwin
  • Michael Richards

Of course, I’m not that picky – I loved them all – but those were my favorites.  It’s really cool to see Jerry and his guests in a laid back setting where they act pretty normal.  And funny – surprise, surprise – they’re all funny in real life.

There’s More?Seinfeld - Tweet new CiCGC

The good news was Tweeted by Jerry Seinfeld on March 13th:

Since I enjoyed Season 1 so much, I was very excited when I saw that!  The news was caught in mainstream media too because shortly thereafter there was a New York Times article on the series being renewed (here).  And since it’s taken me so long to finish writing this blog post, the new season actually started yesterday (6/13/2013)!  Go to the aforementioned sites to see Sarah Silverman and others in Season 2!

Regardless, here’s the promo video for Season 2: