Being Weird

I’ve always considered myself fairly normal.  I didn’t do much to the extreme.  I didn’t try to stand out.  I didn’t want to stand out.

I still think those are fairly true; however, as I’ve gotten more comfortable with being in my 30s, I’ve noticed I’m starting to do a lot of things different than other people.  It turns out I do like being different in many ways, but it’s only because I’m a perfectionist and I’m always trying to find ways to better myself.  I could even point to February 1, 2007 as when I started to go down the path less traveled by.  That night, I went to see Dave Ramsey live in Louisville, Ky and a few years later this happened.  That was a big change for me and my family.

The last thing I want to do is push people into something they’re not comfortable with.  But, from my research (both reading and doing), all of these choices I’ve made have great benefits.  That’s why I choose to share them here – I want to share my successes with the world so they can join in too!  I am always looking for comments or suggestions or even criticism, so let it fly!

If I look around, here are some things I’m doing that most people aren’t:

This list will be pretty fluid as I’m always tweaking and (hopefully) continuing to blog about it!

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