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Upcoming Webinars on Fueling Energy and Engagement

I’m a huge fan of webinars.  Presenters are able to give a lot of information in a short amount of time (normally only an hour).  Plus, there is such a wide range of topics available, you can take that opportunity to learn about leadership, management, technology, organization, self-improvement, and so on – all for free (I seek out the free ones, at least).

I just got an e-mail notification about 3 upcoming webinars from a company whom I really like.  I discovered them a few months back when I watched another one of their webinars called How Regular Renewal Fuels Great Performance.  It focused on breaking up your workday with walking or exercising or simply relaxing your mind and how much of an improvement you’ll see in your performance.  It also hit on eating and sleep and many other factors that affect your energy throughout the day.

Here’s their summary of the aforementioned webinar:

Top tips for managing your energy throughout the day

  1. Whenever possible, do one thing at a time. Multitasking increases the time it takes to finish any given task by 25%
  2. Take a break every 90 minutes to stay most focused and productive. You can get real renewal with just a minute or two of deep breathing
  3. Define clear stopping points at the end of the day, so when you’re with your family and friends, you’re really with them

Another topic discussed was how you can change your day by simply taking a deep, relaxing breath.  Try it!


Upcoming Webinars by The Energy Project

  • Autonomy @ Work:  Reward Value, Not Face Time  (Thurs,  March 1 12pm)
  • Purpose @ Work:  The Most Important Question You Can Ask  (Wed, April 4 at 1pm)
  • Apprecation @ Work:  Why It Matters So Much  (Thurs, May 3 at 1pm)

Sign up for any of them here.

I’ll be curious to hear what people think if they attend!

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