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Better Health For Everyone

Last year, my family found out our two young daughters had many different food allergies (30 and 12, respectively).  Sure, I knew some kids could get seriously ill when they ate certain foods, but I never realized “mild” allergies could be such a pain.  Seeing my daughters be fussy, irritable, break out in rashes, etc was enough for my wife and myself to seek out a solution.  We didn’t want to simply eliminate those foods from our diet because they included just about everything between the two of them (dairy, rice, many fruits, etc).

My wife found out about the LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati and met with their doctors a few times.  They did help her in understanding how the body works, but in the end, we felt like they were helping us out just enough to keep us coming back and using their services.  And the fact that they told us to keep the kids off of foods with grains, all while recommending their expensive supplements that included rice, we were fed up.

Luckily a friend, Tara Kleier, turned us onto Robb Wolf‘s book, The Paleo Solution.

My wife purchased this book the day she found out about it and read it cover-to-cover (320 pages) in 2 days.  It not only changed the way we took care of the health of our kids, but of ourselves too.  It turns out just about everyone has problems with “modern” foods (often misdiagnosed as IBS or allergies or depression or ADHD and so on), but they don’t realize it.  And if they do realize it, they typically resort to popping pills to “solve” their problems.  All that does is treat the symptoms while the body continues to suffer.

The body is an astounding and resilient machine, so it often masks problems and adapts to poor lifestyles.  However, when you cleanse your body and give it the food it needs and thrives off of, you’ll be amazed at how you look, feel, and act.

More on this in upcoming posts…

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