People are starting to catch on that my family is a little different.  Yeah, the kids have food allergies, but it seems like everyone does these days.  To be honest, I used to think food allergies were a cop-out.  An excuse.  Hypochondria?  But, I’ve seen how my daughters look and behave when they eat foods they have allergies / intolerances to.  Trust me, it’s real.

Just as my wife and I do with everything else, we don’t sit on the sidelines and complain – we do something about it.  She had some health issues after our second baby and I’ve always been healthy, but never felt amazing emotionally or psychologically.  After months of research and experimenting, we’ve landed on and embraced the Paleo Lifestyle.

We first learned about Paleo through Robb Wolf‘s book, The Paleo Solution.  Needless to say, we’ve gone headfirst into it, have done tons of research about it, have found hundreds of recipes, and for all intents and purposes, are very happy with it.

Here are all my blog posts where I’ve written about Paleo: Paleo Category.

I’d love to hear what people think.  Have you heard of it?  Tried it out?  Think it’s dumb?  Love it?

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