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Against the Grain

24 January 2012 1 comment

I love the title of this post for many reasons.  It’s a great tagline for Paleo, it’s a good summary of what it’s like to eat Paleo, and it’s a shoutout to my favorite radio show, The Dan Patrick Show.

Anyway, I recently wrote an article for our employee newsletter at AAA Western and Central New York regarding Paleo.  I’d like to think I did a good job of summarizing the problem Paleo looks to solve as well as a brief overview of how it works.  I’m hoping to get some feedback because so far I’ve gotten very little.  What do you think!?

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Huff Post Article on Dangers of Gluten

23 January 2012 Leave a comment

This article was recently shared with me by a family friend who is going through the same thing our family is going through. We’ve all learned a lot about gluten and allergies and intolerances and how dangerous “common” foods can be.  It’s still crazy to me because a little over a year ago I was completely oblivious to all of this.  I felt and looked healthy, but now that I know what I know, I know that wasn’t true.  You know?

I recommend everyone read this article and pass it along because this “ignorance is bliss” viewpoint most people have about food needs to come to a stop.  Whether they choose to act on it is unfortunately in their hands, but the best we can do is help educate the masses.

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Interesting video on Paleo and the Human Body

22 January 2012 Leave a comment

I recently came across this video and it does a fantastic job of explaining why Paleo is the correct approach for humans to take with their diets. It also answers many common questions people have (I know I had them too at first).

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Yummy Carambola

21 January 2012 Leave a comment

Pretty cool name, huh? No it’s not some form of the West Nile Virus. It’s actually commonly referred to as star fruit. Although I bet most people still haven’t heard of it.

We wanted to try a new fruit so we grabbed one of these guys. Turns out it’s really high in Vitamin C and antioxidants. (an interesting and scary aside – according to Wikipedia, this fruit can be poisonous if you have kidney problems!)  Probably not surprising with those features that it would taste citrus-y, but it also has the consistency of an apple. We all thought it was very good and would recommend you try it out too!


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Recommended Packaged Foods

16 January 2012 Leave a comment

The fairly new website, Pinterest, is sweeping the nation.  Granted, it’s an overly estrogen-filled site, but it’s still pretty fun.  But, I’ve found a good use for it – post all of the packaged foods we’ve found to be great choices.  (My wife has done extensive research on many of these products, but I won’t give it my “stamp of approval” until we try it out too)  So, instead of constantly updating a post on this site, I’ll link to my pin board on “Best Packaged Foods” and will try to keep it updated with anything new we find.  For now, go check out what I’ve posted and leave a comment here or there with what you think!

My highest recommendations go out to the Thai Kitchen coconut milk, NOW Whey Protein powder, and the Trader Joe’s almond butter.

Pinterest – Best packaged foods by Jason Hurley

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How many carbs do I need?

13 January 2012 Leave a comment

This is a photo from our kitchen. As of late, we’ve been experimenting with the number of carbs we eat. If you know bananas are a great source of carbs, you are probably realizing we are favoring a more high carb diet!

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Paleo Breakfast Ideas

10 January 2012 5 comments

If you’re trying the 30 Day Challenge or if you just simply want to eat better, breakfast is a great place to start.  I used to eat a fairly “typical” breakfast, but I can absolutely say I go through the day feeling better with more energy when I keep it Paleo-based.

Typical breakfasts include orange juice, cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, and even venture out to bagels, pancakes, and donuts.  Many of these foods are loaded with sugar or gluten, both of which can hurt you short- and long-term.  But, what else is there to eat in the AM?  I wondered the same thing when I first changed my diet, but I’ve come to love the options.

Some ideas for Paleo breakfast foods:

  • Smoothies – so many possible combinations here, it’s mindblowing.  Here’s a great eBook with 70 fantastic ideas.  Here are some samples:
  • Omelets – I used to never like eggs, but I’ve really come to enjoy them as of late.  It helps that we’re buying them directly from the farm or are getting the good, cage-free, Omega 3 eggs from the grocery store.  The better eggs truly taste better.  But the omelet is such an easy and awesome vehicle to get a bunch of morning fat and veggies!  Make it in coconut oil, mix in some green peppers, tomatoes, onion, spinach, bacon and/or sausage and then sometimes top with salsa – what a meal!
  • Bacon – It takes on legendary status in the Paleo community, but if you get the right kind (no nitrates), it’s the perfect source of quality fat for your diet.  Sometimes I’ll have a fruit-based smoothie and a few pieces of bacon for breakfast.
    • Another tid-bit: you can microwave bacon and it’s quick and much less messy!  Put a paper plate in the microwave, then a few paper towels, then the bacon laid separately and flat, then a few more paper towels.  Microwave for 3 minutes (give or take) and viola!
  • Eggs – I usually lean towards an omelet, but any kind of eggs in the morning make me feel incredible.  I really do have my best days after eating eggs!
  • Fruit and nut butter – This makes a great midday snack, but it can easily be breakfast too.  An apple or banana with almond butter are my favorites.
  • Berries and coconut milk – Another great snack / breakfast meal because the berries (straw, blue, black, rasp) are super nutritious (very susceptible to pesticides, so you should try to go organic) and the coconut milk makes it almost like yogurt.  Don’t confuse the coconut milk with the watered down one in the carton.  This coconut milk is in a can and can be found in the Asian section of the grocery store.  Our favorite is Thai Kitchen.
  • Leftovers – not very sexy, but if you have leftovers from good Paleo meals, there’s nothing wrong with steak or a burger or veggies for breakfast.

What do you think?  Do you have any other breakfast meals you’ve enjoyed?  I’d love to hear!

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The 30 Day Challenge

4 January 2012 1 comment

It’s that time of year when people make resolutions!  But, the good news is anytime of the year is a good time to improve your health.

I’m sure there’s all kinds of month-long challenges out there, but the 30 Day Challenge I’m referring to is living the Paleo lifestyle for a month.  Myself, my wife, and my kids went through multiple 30 Day Challenges in 2011 (we had to keep restarting because we were accidentally “cheating” and didn’t want to short-change ourselves).  It was difficult sometimes, but very rewarding in the end.

This challenge really is a test of wills and requires intestinal fortitude and persistence.   It’s hard to be different from everyone around you and there are so many temptations out there to make you want to cheat!  However, you’ll be very pleased with yourself once you complete it, plus your body will likely feel better than it ever has.

There are a few variations of this challenge, but a really good one to follow is here:

Here are some other great resources if you’re interested in trying a 30 Day Challenge:

To all of you starting the 30 Day Challenge – good luck!  It’s worth it!  Don’t cheat!!  I’ll do my best to post tips and learnings we gained from our experiences in the coming days.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or experiences in the comments.

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Better Health For Everyone

2 January 2012 Leave a comment

Last year, my family found out our two young daughters had many different food allergies (30 and 12, respectively).  Sure, I knew some kids could get seriously ill when they ate certain foods, but I never realized “mild” allergies could be such a pain.  Seeing my daughters be fussy, irritable, break out in rashes, etc was enough for my wife and myself to seek out a solution.  We didn’t want to simply eliminate those foods from our diet because they included just about everything between the two of them (dairy, rice, many fruits, etc).

My wife found out about the LaValle Metabolic Institute in Cincinnati and met with their doctors a few times.  They did help her in understanding how the body works, but in the end, we felt like they were helping us out just enough to keep us coming back and using their services.  And the fact that they told us to keep the kids off of foods with grains, all while recommending their expensive supplements that included rice, we were fed up.

Luckily a friend, Tara Kleier, turned us onto Robb Wolf‘s book, The Paleo Solution.

My wife purchased this book the day she found out about it and read it cover-to-cover (320 pages) in 2 days.  It not only changed the way we took care of the health of our kids, but of ourselves too.  It turns out just about everyone has problems with “modern” foods (often misdiagnosed as IBS or allergies or depression or ADHD and so on), but they don’t realize it.  And if they do realize it, they typically resort to popping pills to “solve” their problems.  All that does is treat the symptoms while the body continues to suffer.

The body is an astounding and resilient machine, so it often masks problems and adapts to poor lifestyles.  However, when you cleanse your body and give it the food it needs and thrives off of, you’ll be amazed at how you look, feel, and act.

More on this in upcoming posts…

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